12 Ideas for Extra Income

12 Ideas for Extra Income

The good news is: to increase income, you do not have to change jobs. Find extra money on the weekends, which resonates with your skills or hobbies – according to statistics, so arrive around 45 percent of Americans. In addition to making a profit, you realize your talents, develop a portfolio and expand your connections. In our article you will find ideas and useful tips for part-time work.

Note. We indicate the approximate remuneration for each type of activity. Keep in mind that these are average figures for the market: in each case, they can be higher or lower depending on the specifics of the niche, your experience, and the ability to promote yourself.

1. Photo

Suitable for creative people who are keen on photography. Start by choosing a niche: wedding, food or fashion photographer, reportage, family or portrait photography, creating pictures for sale on photo stocks.


  • high-quality photographic equipment;
  • basic knowledge of composition and lighting;
  • ability to process photos.
  • Approximate earnings. The average cost of one hour of a photoshoot: $ 30-60 (CIS), 100-300 (USA). Selling photos on stocks – from $ 0.5 to $ 10 per photo. Wedding photography – from $ 700 (CIS), $ 1000-3000 (USA).

Where to look for orders. If you do not have the experience, become an assistant to a professional photographer: this will provide you with knowledge, practice, and useful contacts. If you are confident in your abilities, look for customers on major freelance exchanges ( Upwork, Fiverr), post information on bulletin boards in your city. Develop your Instagram or blog – this is one of the most effective ways to gain popularity.

2. Consulting

You are well versed in a certain field and have gained rich experience that you are ready to share? Try yourself as a consultant – you will be paid for evaluating information, searching for recommendations and turnkey solutions. Consultants are in demand in various fields – from the restaurant business to finance and marketing.


  • deep knowledge in the chosen field;
  • the ability to structurally approach tasks and take responsibility for the result.
  • Approximate earnings. The average rate may vary depending on the subject and experience. For example, an hourly consultation on marketing will cost $ 20-30 (CIS) and about $ 100 (USA), and career consultation – about $ 50 (CIS) and about $ 140 (USA).

Where to look for orders. If you are engaged in consultations in an already familiar sphere, start word of mouth among clients. If you start from scratch, demonstrate expertise in social networks (LinkedIn and Facebook) so that people themselves turn to you for help.

3. Logo Creation

This remote earnings is suitable for those who are already engaged in graphic design, and those who do not have experience in this industry. You can learn how to quickly create logos using online generators such as Logaster .


  • good taste and creativity;
  • design knowledge or a couple of minutes of logo design training online.
  • Approximate earnings. In each case, the cost of creating a logo is evaluated individually – depending on the complexity of the image and the number of iterations. In the CIS, an average of $ 50-100 is paid for such a task; in the US, $ 300-800.

Where to look for orders. Freelance exchanges: Upwork , Fiverr , Guru and others.

4. Cleaning

Demand for cleaning services does not depend on market fluctuations or trends – clean homes and offices are always needed. Since there is great competition in this direction, we advise you to choose a niche: for example, cleaning after repairs or parties, removing complex stains or putting things in order in closets.


  • accuracy and love of order;
  • cleaning products;
  • ability to cope with different types of pollution.
  • Approximate earnings. Depends on the type of cleaning: can start from $ 10 per hour in the CIS and $ 20 in the USA.

Where to look for orders. Contact the cleaning services of your city – as a rule, employees are always needed there. Offer services in online communities in your area. Look for customers on specialized online resources such as the American Housekeeper .

5. Dog walking

Many owners do not have time or opportunity to walk with their pets when they are busy or go on vacation. Take this feature upon yourself.

Necessary skills:

  • love to the animals;
  • ability to handle dogs;
  • responsibility and punctuality.
  • Approximate earnings. $ 2-4 for one walk (CIS) and $ 15-20 (USA).

Where to look for orders. Tell your friends and acquaintances that you are ready to walk with their dogs – maybe someone needs such a service. Post information on your local online bulletin boards or sign up for pet service sites (such as Wag in America).

6. Catering

Catering is an on-site service for the preparation and delivery of food, as well as serving and serving. This can be providing hot lunches for offices, catering for banquets, weddings, conferences. As a rule, catering companies are engaged in servicing large events, and they recruit personnel for a specific event: waiters, kitchen assistants, carriers, and others.

Another variety is personal catering when one person takes care of the catering of a small holiday: thinks out the menu, prepares, brings dishes, and sets the table.


  • experience in the restaurant business;
  • diligence, responsibility.
  • Approximate earnings. Depends on the type and scale of the event. It can be $ 50-150 per event (CIS) and $ 14 per hour (USA).

Where to look for orders. Sign up for recruitment services (such as Indeed ) or contact the catering companies in your city.

7. Tutoring

Do you know a certain discipline well? Help pupils, students, or adults who need to pull up math, a foreign language, or another subject. It is not necessary to look for customers in your city: lessons can also be conducted online.


  • deep knowledge of the subject;
  • sociability, friendliness.
  • Approximate earnings. $ 8-15 per hour (CIS), $ 30-50 (USA).

Where to look for orders. Post information on bulletin boards, launch word of mouth, or register on specialized resources: Tutors (America), Tutorhunt (Great Britain), Repetitors (CIS).

8. Courier

Demand for delivery services is growing all over the world: couriers are needed by large players (Amazon, UPS, Glovo), as well as small companies, restaurants, and pizzerias. Such a side job is perfect for teenagers or students. To get a courier, you will most likely need your car, scooter, or bicycle.


  • ability to navigate the terrain;
  • responsibility and punctuality.
  • Approximate earnings. About $ 400 per month (CIS), about $ 3 thousand per month (USA).

Where to look for orders. Contact the companies that work in your city: as a rule, they post advertisements for finding couriers on the website or in social networks.

9. Nanny

The nanny can perform different tasks: take a walk with the child, pick up from school, take him to extra classes, feed, do homework, clean up, cook dinner. This side job is mainly for women and girls. Decide what functions you are ready to take on and with children of what age can work.


  • ability to behave in emergency situations;
  • experience with children;
  • knowledge in the field of medicine or psychology (not required, but will be an additional advantage).
  • Approximate earnings. $ 2-4 per hour (CIS), $ 15-20 (USA).

Where to look for orders. Parents often rely on reviews and recommendations when looking for a nanny, so rely on word of mouth. We also advise you to register in the parental online groups of your area and on specialized online resources for finding nannies (for example, Nashanyanya for Russia, Zabota for Ukraine, Sittercity for America).

10. Sale of handmade items

The demand for customized products is very high – be it scrapbooking, felting, modeling, or soap making. You can create something with your hands at home and at any time: in the evenings, on maternity leave or on vacation. Keep in mind that in this area your income directly depends not only on the talent and quality of products but also on sales skills.


  • handmade skills;
  • knowledge of marketing and e-commerce.
  • Approximate earnings. It can range from 10 to several thousand dollars a month: it depends on what you are selling, how unique the product is and how you value it.

Where to look for orders. Create online e-commerce stores: the most popular is the Etsy resource, which specializes in selling handicrafts. Participate in offline events: exhibitions, fairs, opening days.

11. Programming

Know programming languages like HTML or Python? Create sites or mobile applications from scratch on a turn-key basis. No experience in web development? Learn how to create simple websites with WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace templates.


  • coding skills – for web developers;
  • experience with content management systems – for site builders using designers;
  • basic knowledge in graphic design.
  • Approximate earnings. $ 10-20 per hour (CIS), $ 50-100 (USA).

Where to look for orders. Use the popular international exchanges for freelancers ( Upwork, Fiverr ) or specialized online resources for programmers ( Codingninjas, Scalablepath ).

12. Event Organizer

If you feel the potential of the organizer, try to take on the planning of events: birthdays, parties, weddings, conferences, festivals. Remember that this task is very responsible: the organizer is responsible for all aspects – from concept to execution, including site selection, food, invitations, transport, music.


  • project and personnel management skills;
  • sociability;
  • time management skills;
  • stress resistance;
  • creativity;
  • multitasking.
  • Approximate earnings. From $ 400 per month (CIS), $ 25-100 per hour, or 15-20% of the total cost of the event (USA).

Where to look for orders. The best ads are the recommendations. Make acquaintances in the restaurant and hotel business, launch word of mouth, communicate online and offline. Post information on local bulletin boards. If you are just starting your career as an organizer, try yourself in small projects: arrange several holidays for family and friends. Having gained a portfolio and gained experience, you can expand the scope of activity.

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