20 business ideas with minimal investment in 2020

20 business ideas with minimal investment in 2020

Lunch delivery to offices

The idea of a business with minimal investment in the preparation and delivery of lunches to offices is to cook delicious lunches at home and deliver them directly to the workplace to customers. This service is becoming an alternative for customers to fast food and containers from home. To start a business by delivering ready meals, you need a minimum start-up capital – you can meet 20 thousand rubles, which will not be difficult to recoup. The advantage of making business lunch delivery is that it is practically unlimited in volume because you can work with as many organizations as you like.

Walking tours

If you are interested in the history of native places, know urban legends, and know-how to communicate well with people, think about organizing city tours. The least expensive startup with minimal investment is walking tours. Unlike bus tours, they also allow tourists to dive deeper into the history of streets, explore objects and introduce themselves as participants in past events. Your main contribution will be the creation of a unique scenario and routes. An interesting creative direction in this area is to conduct excursions with thematic mini-performances.

Custom Bow Tie Production

An interesting direction for working at home with minimal investment in the production and sale of custom bow ties. A bow tie is a fashion accessory that can be made of wood, fur, feathers, and even shells, and cost more than 2 thousand rubles. apiece. The efforts in this startup should be focused not only on the execution of the product but also on its presentation and promotion on the Internet and social networks.

Bizboard Production

Boards are such entertaining and educational toys for children from 1 to 5 years old, which are boards, stands or modules on which various objects are attached that the child can interact with (twist, knock, open, tie / untie, turn on / off etc). This thing today is very popular with various children’s centers and clubs. The cost of such products is quite ridiculous (you can make bodyboards yourself from improvised materials), so you can set a high margin of 300% or more on the finished product.

Trading business with China

You can start your own business with minimal investments in trading with China: it is enough to have a computer, access to the Internet and a desire to learn the nuances of this business in order to start making money. There may be several options for work. It can be drop shipping when an entrepreneur orders the necessary goods on his behalf and delivers to the buyer’s address, dealing with organizational issues. You can complement the idea by creating a one-page and selling some narrow-keyed goods. The third most popular option is to sell Chinese equipment for business, which today is not inferior to European counterparts, but several times cheaper.

Flower and fruit basket delivery

No excessive investments will require from you and such matters as the delivery of flowers and fruit baskets. The main thing you need is the talent of a designer or florist, as well as a competent presentation of services and advertising. Your main customers will be men 25-45 years old who want to please their other half. The most interesting thing about this idea is that you can make a huge virtual assortment in an online store or social networks, but you do not need to have every item in stock, because you can make a purchase even after an order is received. Gifts can be supplemented with soft toys (you can make as a whole plush bouquets or add 1-2 toys as a gift), alcohol, sweets and other pleasant little things.

Sale of beer bouquets

A business idea with minimal investment is to create men’s gifts, the so-called beer bouquets. Inside the basket are no longer flowers and fruits, but beer and snacks for it: sausages, fish, crayfish, squids, pigtail cheese, chips, etc. The whole thing is decorated with chili peppers, garlic, cherry tomatoes. There are a million opportunities – you just have to look at the ready-made ideas. For more information on this matter can be found here.

Car rental for weddings and events

If you have a presentable premium white car or a retro car, this is a great opportunity to earn on renting your car for weddings and other celebrations. You can earn on rent 1-2 thousand rubles. per hour, and derive additional profit from renting jewelry on a car. All that is required is to find a good and advertising platform or an announcement site so that the client can find you. Read more about this method of earning here.

Organization of science shows

Science shows are today’s popular format for holding children’s parties, which has both entertaining and educational functions. The main character of such shows is usually a crazy scientist showing children magical chemical and physical experiments. To organize the holding of scientific shows, it will take a little – about 150 thousand rubles. The main difficulty lies in developing event scenarios.

Selling popcorn

If you are looking for a business with a high margin and minimal investment, then pay attention to popcorn. Only two tablespoons of “raw materials” can give you a liter volume of the finished product. The margin on popcorn averages around 600-700% and reaches 1500%. At the same time, investments are low – you can start selling from a small tray with a popcorn machine worth 10-20 thousand rubles.

Shawarma sale

One of the best areas in the ratio of “low investment / high return” is considered to be street food. For example, 270 thousand rubles and two employees are enough to start a business selling shawarma. When choosing a good place, a small outlet will be able to bring 100 thousand rubles. net profit.

Baby Monitor

If you have your own car, a promising line of business in large cities will be the service of accompanying children to schools, kindergartens, and mugs. A driver and a nanny pull up behind a child in one person and take him to classes and back. The demand for services is caused by our crazy time – there is no time for parents, they need to work and earn money. The advantages of this business over a taxi are its regular customers, the rapid formation of a loyal base, the possibility of additional earnings on the services of babysitting, and corporate transportation of the children of those parents who work in large companies.

Board T-Games

T-games or transformational games are a trending niche in the desktop business that will appeal to people who have the skills of an organizer and are interested in psychology. Unlike regular games, participants in the process of completing game tasks not only play but also solve various problems from their lives. Since the games are devoted to completely different topics, both young and old people, private clients, and company representatives, women and men, fall into the target audience. It is interesting that you can start your own business even without a psychological education and with investments of about 60 thousand rubles, and work online. 

Sale of felted rugs for photo shoots

Today’s popular business, which sells well through Instagram, is felted rugs, which are used as props for photoshoots with young children and newborns. You can learn this type of needlework on open information on the Internet or after a master class. Finished products can be sold through social networks or sites like “Fair Masters” at a price of up to 2500 rubles. The main task will be to offer customers something unique. Otherwise, it does not make sense, since ordinary rugs can be bought on AliExpress for just 400-500 rubles.

Cotton candy sale

Selling cotton candy is an occupation that does not require you to take any excessive efforts or skills. In addition, cotton candy has an extremely immodest margin, which exceeds 4000%. If you sell cotton wool complete with freshly squeezed juices and snacks, or the same popcorn, you can significantly increase the profitability of the outlet.

Selling creative wipers for cars

With a good sense of humor, you can and should always earn. A great option for this is the sale of creative wipers for the rear windows of cars. It can be presidents waving their hands, cats wagging their tails, traffic cops with wands, grandmothers with brooms, and other funny images. To start, it is quite possible to start sales with groups on social networks.

Mobile planetarium

Today it has become possible to open a planetarium to anyone who has at least 250 thousand rubles. Mobile planetariums are spherical domes, inside of which, using a projector and a special coating, spherical films with a 3D effect are shown as a screen. As a rule, the work of planetariums is aimed at school-age children. You can pay back your business in 2-3 months, and its profitability can reach 150%

Fire show

Let’s start with the most interesting – all in 5 minutes of a fire show you can earn 10-15 thousand rubles. The fire show is an opportunity to receive orders for celebrations, weddings, celebrations and receive good money for it. Large investments are not required: to buy the main equipment (poi, staff, fans, and other devices for “turning” the fire), 5-10 thousand rubles will be enough. You will also need to purchase or custom-make stage costumes. The main thing in this matter is mastery of the skill of fire, as well as work on promotion in social networks. Another obstacle is the competition. In large cities, it’s becoming more and more difficult to surprise people, which forces the organizers to look for new directions, combine fire shows with light shows, tesla shows, and so on.

Husband for an hour

A husband for an hour is a business with minimal investment in a part-time format that is suitable for one. He is attractive because, with good advertising and the development of a regular clientele, a man will be able to earn up to 150 thousand rubles a month and work on a fee schedule. According to those who have opened their own business in this area, the main thing is to know your own price and set minimum price thresholds for leaving your home.

Carpet Cleaning

 The idea of your carpet cleaning business is one of those activities that require minimal investment. Its essence is simple – you organize cleaning of clients’ carpets with departure or provide services for the removal/delivery of carpets in your own workshop, where you carry out cleaning. The second option is a more suitable option for your business with minimal investment since you can significantly increase the number of orders and labor productivity. When working at home, you can get by with a minimal amount of equipment, household chemicals, and small cleaning devices (you can even keep within 100 thousand rubles). With 4-5 orders per day, net profit can reach 90-120 thousand rubles.

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