22 Best Ideas for Starting an Online Business


You must have heard success stories; blogs sell for tens of thousands of dollars, or parents earn enough money to stay at home with their family. For those who love to write, being a blogger is an absolutely viable business opportunity. All you have to do is choose a niche in the market that suits you, and you earn on advertising, information products, affiliate links, or any other number of ways.

With an income of over $ 2million per month, Pat Flynn probably has the highest recorded income as a standalone blogger.
Making money using blogs is the dream of many of us, but I have no doubt that you have already heard about failures: you may have heard about Myspace, or some of your friends have a blog that does not lead anywhere and does not change and just sits there – dead weight on the Internet. How to avoid blog traps? How do you activate your enthusiasm when your energy begins to weaken? Where the hell are you starting anyway?

Well, you’re in the right place to start. WHSR has posted some of the fastest, easiest to understand and most effective solutions to your blog problems, based on Team WHSR’s own experiences and the minds of other bloggers who like what they do.

Here are some pointers to get you started:

Step-by-step instructions for creating your first blog
How to actively develop and improve your blog
How to make more money blogging
[Example] How Kevin Muldoon developed and sold BloggingTips.com for $ 60,000

2. Be online/virtual assistant

Often, large companies and professionals always need a good helper to manage tasks such as email and social platforms. Offer your services as a virtual assistant to overlook and manage tasks for online clients.

Even if you have little experience, you do not need much time to become an online / virtual assistant. Ashley Anderson’s article does an excellent job of giving a brief summary of what it takes to become a virtual assistant, even if you have no experience!

3. Be a social media manager

If you are a social media specialist, offer your services to brands or businesses that need daily help managing their social media accounts

The rates for freelance marketers / managers generally correspond to the cost of creating a website and depending on how large or small the website is, the amount you earn can vary.

Based on our research from sites like Upwork, the average rate for a freelance social media manager / marketer is around $ 25.25 per hour, with the largest amount being $ 150 per hour and the lowest being $ 4 per month. The better you are, the higher your collection may be on these freelance platforms.

Website cost and graphic design based on Upwork Top 100 freelancer profiles. Average hourly rate = $ 25.25 / hour; highest = $ 150 / hour, lowest = $ 4 / month.

4. Be a social media consultant

Conversely, you can also act as a consultant and offer your know-how in social networks to clients on the Internet instead of logging in and managing accounts for them.

5. Be the mastermind of social networks

Today, influence is growing in the social media market. Becoming an influential factor means increasing your own social media account and using it to work with brands to promote your products and services.

If you want to become an influential person on Instagram, digital marketing consultant Shane Barker has written an excellent article ( click here! ) On how to become one and how to make money from it.

6. Publish a book yourself

Sarah Cooper quit her day job in 2014 and received three book offers 9 months later . You might think that publishing a book is too hard to reach. But this is not so. Publishing a book through a traditional publishing house or self-publishing is very feasible and profitable.

Books are an amazing marketing tool. They can be used to convert readers to email subscribers. Or they can be used as another source of income for an online business. We wrote series 5 on how to start self-publishing, if you do this, we strongly recommend that you read it .

Market share of sales of electronic books from February 2014 – October 2016.

7. Offer online courses

Those who are knowledgeable in specialized areas or topics, you can create and sell your courses online through your own website or set up a list of email addresses.

8. Training

If you are a business owner with enough experience, you can offer consulting or coaching services online and chat via Skype or email.

9. Provide SEO Services / Tools

The SEO industry is huge, like huge billions of dollars . Based on Glen Allsopp’s research, SEO agencies earn tens of thousands of dollars every month. So are you good SEO? Perhaps it’s time to create your own agency and provide search engine optimization services. Are you a developer? Perhaps you can develop an SEO Tool for a specific group of users?

10. Be a marketing partner

How affiliate marketing works
Affiliate marketing is a developed industry and has become a key source of online income for many entrepreneurs and individual bloggers.

In short, an affiliate business is where you, a marketing partner, promote a product or service that can be tracked using links, codes, phone numbers, etc. that are unique to you. Then you receive a part of the income when the sale occurs through your unique link.

Typically, an affiliate network is often used by merchants to manage their affiliate program, and also acts as a database for their products. Publishers can then choose the product they want to promote, depending on their market. Commission Junction and Share Sale are two of the most popular affiliate networks.

11. YouTuber / Online identity

If you are comfortable in front of the camera, you can try your hand at being YouTuber or an online personality. All you have to do is launch your own YouTube channel and earn money through promotions.

As content consumption has changed, more and more people are turning to sites such as YouTube to watch videos daily. This has become a much more effective means of creating followers compared to old media such as televisions or radios.

And launching a YouTube channel can be low risk and low cost. Once you’ve got enough subscribers, you can monetize your videos by activating Google Adsense, which advertises on your videos.

A number of YouTubers have shown that this can be earned. Individuals like PewDiePie earn over $ 12 million in revenue annually for their videos, as well as deals and sponsorships.

Content creator Curious Funny uses Patreon to generate more revenue in addition to YouTube.
Sponsored videos or in-line ads are some of the ways that YouTubers use to make money from their content. Some may even promote their Kickstarter or Patreon page to their fans to pay for their content.

Of course, finding success on YouTube is not easy, so many characters used it as a step into larger raids. Comedian Bo Burham used YouTube as a platform to showcase his talents, which ultimately led to his signing with Comedy Central Records.

Comedian Bo Burnham found success on YouTube, leading to a contract with Comedy Central.

12. Podcasting / Podcaster

Podcasting is another great way for entrepreneurs. You can start your own podcast and sell commercials or include sponsors around your content.

13. Selling on eBay

Got a great product for sale? Set up an online store on platforms like eBay to sell all your products.

14. Selling Handicrafts at Etsy

For those who want to sell handicrafts/handicrafts, you can open an online store on Etsy, an e-commerce site focused on handicrafts and handicrafts. These items fall under a wide range of categories, including bags, clothes, paintings, sculptures, home furnishings, and furniture, toys, and handmade tools.

15. Be a web designer

For those with a technical background and an artifact, web design can be a profitable area to get into. Despite the fact that many people currently use templates, many still need settings, even those templates that they have chosen.

Customization is not limited to web templates, but you can also apply your skills in other areas, such as newsletters. If you have extra time, you can also create your own templates for sale or even apply your skills in other graphic areas, such as creating a website logo .

16. Be a website developer

Being a website developer is great for those who have the technical knowledge and/or are able to code. You can help enterprises by creating and maintaining a backend site.

As with social media managers, the rate for a freelance website developer may vary depending on the value of the website itself. Generally, the larger the site, the higher your fee may be. Based on the collected data, we expect an independent website developer to earn an average of about $ 31.64 per hour, with the highest of them at $ 160 per hour and the lowest at $ 5 per month.

The cost of a website and graphic design based on Upwork Top 100 freelancer profiles. Average hourly rate = $ 31.64 / hour; highest = $ 160 / hour, lowest = $ 5 / month.

17. Be a graphic designer

If you are not so technical, but can offer design services, many companies need graphic designers to create images and graphics.

Sites such as Projects 99 offer a platform for independent designers to earn money by connecting them to businesses or brands that need help creating projects. Since everything is done online through their website, you can basically work remotely from anywhere in the world.

18. Be an application developer

Mobile is a big market, and if you know how to create mobile applications, you can be an application developer. You can offer your services to customers who need a mobile application or create them yourself for sale.

19. To be a domain

Most often, enterprises need to buy a premium domain that matches their brand and better recognize customers ( see real-life examples here ). You can earn money by buying premium domains and reselling them to other people.

Flippa , ExpiredDomains.net , Sedo are three places to search for cheap, pre-owned domains with resale.

20. Online / Freelance Writer

For writers who want to start a business but don’t want to create a blog or website, you can offer your written services to other sites as a freelancer.

The great thing is that he is an online writer / freelancer, there are many companies / companies that need help writing.

21. Design (and sale) t-shirts online

Red Bubble and CafePress are platforms that you can use to sell your t-shirts and other similar products online to customers. If you have your own store, you can easily start an online t-shirt using e-commerce platforms such as Shopify.

22. Internet / Distance Learning

The great thing about the Internet is that you can connect anywhere with anyone in the world. Be an online tutor and organize online classes with clients around the world.

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