Business Ideas with Minimal Investment. Plus ideas for starting in 2020

business ideas with minimal investment.

Home Business Ideas

If you know how to emphasize the dignity of a person’s appearance and do wonders with shadows and lipstick, then why not monetize your talent? For less than $ 250-500, you can open your business from scratch to provide visage services. With a skillful approach, such an initiative can turn into a rather profitable part-time job.

House Keeping

This, of course, is not the most profitable occupation, but it’s a great opportunity to live in different parts of the world (including exotic ones) without paying a dime for rent.

Nanny job

Do not think that only teenagers and students look after other people’s children. Quite the contrary. This work can bring decent income, especially to those who work at night and on weekends.

Washing windows

When you look at the world around you from a window, you want to see everything clearly. This creates a great demand for window washers, especially in office buildings.

Property management

Among your friends there are people who rent property? Then they may need a person who will conduct their business. This is an excellent source of additional income, not requiring much effort on your part. However, this position requires agility and willingness to work on a flexible schedule. Your duties will include the collection of rents, the organization of repair and other works, as well as the settlement of any unforeseen situations. Most real estate investors need a manager like air.

Homes for rent via Airbnb

Airbnb offers a great way to make money by renting a free bed or sofa. But that is not all. This is also a great opportunity to make many interesting acquaintances (of course, provided that you are a sociable person). You can even rent an entire apartment. But do not think that this is a passive source of income that does not require any effort from you. You must keep the apartment clean, always be ready to receive guests and do everything possible for their comfortable stay with you.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are able to instantly transform any home, making it more cozy and comfortable. But over time, dust, dirt, grease, allergens, and microbes accumulate in the carpets. Carpet cleaning services will always be in demand, and it would be foolish not to take advantage of the opportunity that lies right in the palm of your hand. However, for this, you will need to invest in the purchase of appropriate equipment and tools (vacuum cleaners, carpet brushes, detergents, etc.). An alternative is to rent equipment for the weekend to immediately serve 5-10 customers and cover rental costs. If you start successfully, then over time you will be able to purchase your own equipment and increase prices. So a small side job can turn into a serious business.

Property Valuation

Property valuation can be done from home, devoting several hours a day to this. This is a great idea for earning in addition to the main income. Although it’s not necessary to graduate from a university by profession, you will need documents confirming your professionalism (licenses, certificates of training, etc.), in-depth knowledge in the field of real estate, as well as a large database of potential clients (brokers, real estate agents, banks, other appraisers, etc.).

House cleaning

If you want to expand the range of your services and earn more, you can do complex house cleaning. During such cleaning, you should pay attention to carpets, floors, lawns, garages, windows, walls, roofs, etc. Naturally, such a scale of work requires a whole arsenal of detergents and cleaners. Or you can create your own staff of cleaners, and to deal with administrative issues and interaction with clients yourself. If you have not yet decided to start your own business, then you can get a job as a cleaner in a cleaning company, to first get to know the business from the inside.

Sale of goods from China

Trading with China for beginners can be in two variations:

Online store
Single Pages
The bottom line is to establish all agreements with suppliers via the Internet.

On the landing page, the conversion is higher, therefore, separate one-page sites are created for trending products. So you can make a decent income from scratch in China in 1-2 months.

Trading with China for beginners is a good way to raise money without any registration of IP and LLC.

But the minus is that for such a start, a mere mortal must-have information: either the Chinese can substitute, then the Russian partners will break the price. Or you’ll confuse something yourself.
However, do not rush to abandon the business. Still, 400% of the deal is nowhere to be earned.

For such curious and motivated people there is a webinar in which we talk about key points. Everything is based on personal experience. To participate, leave your email here . And you will have a stable business with China!

Business Design Ideas

Graphic design

Knowledge and experience in the field of graphic design will be only a plus. But if you are a beginner, do not despair: with the convenient program Adobe Illustrator or the more accessible Stencil and Visme, everyone can master the basics of graphic design. A pair of working hands, a pinch of imagination and motivation, and – voila! – You are ready to pay for creating and editing images.

Logaster home page
Alternatively, you can create logos and other graphic products using the Logaster service, and then resell it to customers.

Web design

Web designers are needed in every company that works with modern technology. Today, web design is one of the most popular ideas for a third-party side job. The purpose of web design is to make the process of using a website or application simple and convenient.

Sites have long been an integral part of a wide variety of businesses. Therefore, entrepreneurs are trying to create vivid and memorable online projects in order to promote their company and attract a huge number of customers. And in order to do this in the minimum amount of time, you may need WordPress templates for business. They are designed for a variety of fields and anyone can find something to their liking. In addition, ready-made solutions are pleasing with their adaptive design, many options for personalization and additional tools. Equally important, you can familiarize yourself with HTML templates in Russian. Their packages also include all the necessary features that make it possible to build a site without making almost any effort.

By the way, if you are a beginner entrepreneur, we recommend that you download our free book “How to create a corporate identity and not go broke .

Presentation Design

Yes, even when working on a familiar PowerPoint presentation, a person may need help or advice, especially if he is not strong in this area.

Interior design

Imagine that a person has decided to update the interior of the kitchen, and cannot decide which shade of granite will best harmonize with the mahogany floor. If you visit the Contemporist portal more often than the weather forecast website, then in this situation your knowledge will come in handy.

Art collecting

Do not confuse collecting with meaningless buying up items that represent at least some kind of artistic value. Collecting requires patience, love for your craft and, of course, a huge amount of time. If you are well versed in decent art, you can start by visiting the art department at your local university. But don’t expect fast money; there isn’t any in this business. Many students of art academies are ready to sell their painting or sculpture for a penny, but it is quite possible that in a few years it will cost thousands of dollars.


Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings … Every year people celebrate dozens of holidays and events, which can not do without flowers. By concluding profitable agreements with reliable suppliers, you can keep your costs relatively low. Profit in the flower business reaches 300% (on cut flowers), and this is not the limit. As you can see, selling flowers is a profitable craft, subject to the right choice of geographical region.

Small Business Ideas for Freelance

Writing an e-book

Have you ever thought about presenting your skills and knowledge as an e-book? Such a book will be useful to people who want to learn something, develop professionally or open their own business. This is a truly valuable product (provided that you choose the right audience). Do not spare the energy and time for your book, interest your target audience, and then you have a chance to release your work in this publishing house and create your own brand.

Proofreading and editing texts

While texts are being written, there will always be work for editors. Proofreading and editing texts not only provide decent hourly pay, but also provide an opportunity to get acquainted with interesting content. Moreover, such work allows you to travel and work from anywhere in the world.

On the Upwork platform, you will find thousands of offers from companies and individuals who need services for writing, proofreading, and editing texts.

Writing and copywriting

Any website owner hires copywriters to create content for the About Us, FAQ, blog, etc. pages. Novice copywriters can hardly count on high stakes. But as you gain experience and expand your portfolio, you can earn even more than a full-time job in the office. The main thing is to find good customers and position yourself as a professional.


If you are talking like Brad Pitt or Scarlett Johansson, then among the manufacturers of digital products you will be in great demand. Game developers, creators of animated films and authors of training video tutorials are willing to pay good money for your services in dubbing content. This is a great idea for extra money that does not require much effort. Look for offers from employers on PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, and Upwork.


Do you have a good command of a foreign language and for you there are no complicated topics in grammar and spelling? Perhaps you should consider translating texts remotely. Flexjobs has hundreds of offers for freelance translators.

Content marketing

All you need for this is skills and experience. Not only startups but also respected brands and influential people need the services of content marketing professionals. They need high-quality, highly competitive content in order to build trusting relationships with the audience and develop their brand. And since the demand for such content is stable, your skills will always be worth the price. Start with your contact base and find small firms to which you can offer your skills in content marketing. Complete several orders and ask the company owner to recommend you to partners. By expanding your portfolio, you can enter a wider market.


Companies often need a person who will represent and advertise their brand. There are many scenarios of action here: you can sign a contract with a large agency, find an agent for yourself, or search for offers yourself. Modeling is a complex world, and before you plunge into it with your head, try to find a mentor who could give you valuable advice at the beginning of your journey. You can choose a specific media format (for example, videos or photos) to specialize exclusively in it and form a decent portfolio.

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