How to make money on blogging: become a reviewer

make money on blogging

The excitement of receiving parcels in the mail, the thrill of finding a new product that helps my family, and the joy of making money without leaving my home, led to my career in professional blogging.

Is this something that only benefits you, or would you naturally recommend this product to a friend that matches your target audience? You can certainly look at each product that comes to your mind, but make sure that your products go through all three of these points:

They are what you want and can use;
Of interest to your readers or to your desired audience; and
Get to the topic of your blog.
If not, your review seems too self-serving.

You are an influential person
Start thinking of yourself as an influential influence: you can influence your audience’s behavior and buying habits.

As your readers trust you, you will naturally want to recommend what is useful to them.Once you do, you He influential man – it’s that simple.

At first you won’t be paid or receive free products, but you can easily monetize your reviews.

Create a blog post recommending products and add programs like Amazon Affiliate Program , Commission Junction or Share Sales , Ideas include holiday gift guides, recipes with affiliate link components, travel tours, web tools to your affiliate links – publications, hosting, plug-ins for blogs or “mandatory” posts with things such as the best technology, seasonal fashion, or return to school.

An example is the gift guide I created for my readers last Christmas (see Correct Image). Gift guides are great because when you grow up, you can instruct companies to participate in your guide.

Search and selection of items for review
The general parenting blog will have a wide selection of items to choose from. Nevertheless, the blog about “green living with children” will contain a smaller selection of relevant goods and services – only environmentally friendly children’s goods. A post about the latest technical gadget will not fly there with this audience.

Another specific product that is good to consider and promote is web hosting services. What for? Because it is a “soft” product that is in high demand – every person who wants a presence on the Internet needs a web hosting service. You need it and use one. So why not review your own web host ?

Big View Components
There are several parts to writing a review that catches the attention of your audience and is useful to potential customers who come to your mind.

1. Photo

Brands LOVE IT when you make your product look good, so take a lot of photos and do everything possible to make the image look good.

If it is a culinary product, show the product and the resulting dish that you created. If you can’t take a good photo, ask the client for an image – it’s better to have something that looks good than nothing at all, but you must learn to take good enough photos. Be creative in your service.

For example, if you are viewing a cleaning service, you can take the logo on the truck, the team and their equipment, as well as photos before and after the photos that they clean.

2. Benefits of this product or service

Write down everything you like about this product, but note that the brand is also currently promoting.

For example, if it is an allergy product and spring is coming, you can indicate how difficult this time of year is for you and other allergy sufferers.

A word of caution: be honest! Do not make up; Highlight the positives that you liked, which are relevant to the brand’s campaign, if and when it’s possible, or just stick to the facts. Make as many positive points as possible and emphasize everything that you loved about it.

In my Zarbee’s seasonal ad campaign, I used my photo since I haven’t received the product yet.

3. Disadvantages

At one year’s conference, I attended Q&A with a group of brands. I learned from a brand representative that nothing is perfect. If you write a positive review of 100%, no one will believe you, and you will lose confidence.

Write about the flaws, but be careful.

Remember, you are trying to attract people to buy this product. However, if the product is defective or the flaws are too large to recommend, and you received the product for a fee, immediately contact the seller and ask them what to do. They may want you to stop working on the review, they may fix the flaws, or they may not be aware of the problem and ask you to postpone the publication. Talking with them is always the answer, and it gives them a positive outlook on you.

4. Your general opinion and product information

After you have listed the positive and negative sides, you can express your general opinion – be as creative as you want. Make a rating system, raise your thumb, show a smiling child – everything that suits you.

Finally, give detailed information about the product, especially the link where you can get it.

Silk Milk Review
Tell a compelling story to introduce brands to your blog.

5. Attractive story to trick them

Today’s narrative is the best way to write a good copy. This is another LOVE brand.

If this is good enough, they can even share your review with their audience – and this is a great response for your blog. If you start with a convincing personal story and how the product has contributed to your life, you will also get a better reader response. If this is good enough, they can even share your review with their audience – and this is a great response for your blog.

In the paid review campaign I did for Silk, my letter inspired my disappointment with what to do with too many bananas in my house!

6. Full disclosure and proper binding

The FTC rules require you to disclose when you blog using any type of refund, including cash, free or discounted products, coupons, gift certificates, admission to a conference/event, or any type of payment.

Do this at the top of your message or up to any links. If you did not receive the product for free, but use your own affiliate links, you MUST also report this.

Use the correct hashtags to disclose information on social networks. I use “#ad” for messages and social networks, as it is short and easy to plug into any outlet. You can put on your post: “I received this product for review, but all my opinions,” for products that you received without payment.

Do not forget to inform if you received a free product, even if you just raving about them another time. This is confusing, but the best advice I’ve ever heard is: “If in doubt, reveal it.”

Finally, always choose “no follow” for your links, affiliates, or otherwise. If the brand refuses to accept this guide, leave.

This is only part of the list of what you need to do to prevent your blog from getting sued .

For products that you already own and have not received compensation, you can skip this – if you do not want to disclose that you did not receive anything in exchange for a post.

Where to buy products that you like?

  1. Pitching Brands
    It is perfectly acceptable for brand brands to redefine the products you like. The smaller the business, the greater the likelihood that you will score some products for review.

You may be offered coupons, not a product to get you started. Take your step so that your audience is well suited for them, how they will respond to the product and what you will do for them. Pretend you’re writing a cover to apply for a job!

Remember to include statistics and a set of media.

  1. Affiliate Networks
    Affiliate marketing is a developed industry and has become a key source of income for many mothers (including). A marketing partner promotes a product or service that can be tracked using links, codes, phone numbers, etc. that are unique to you. Then you receive a part of the income when the sale occurs through your unique link.

An affiliate network is often a platform that acts as an intermediary between a partner and brands (the so-called merchants). This is part of the affiliate marketing equation, which, as a rule, is not taken into account, since most affiliates deal with products / services directly, but still it is important information that you need to know.

Typically, an affiliate network is often used by merchants to manage their affiliate program, and also acts as a database for their products. Publishers can then choose the product they want to promote, depending on their market.

Commission Junction and Share Sale are two of the most popular affiliate networks.

  1. Product Overview
    For beginners, I recommend Tomoson, which has many blogging campaigns with a small audience. Personally, I started with BlogPRWire and She’s talking. You can also try MomSelect, MomItForward, and Blogs.

Once you start creating an audience, you can subscribe to sites that require higher-level pages, such as MomCentral, Clever Girls, or Social Fabric.

  1. Invitations to events
    This is where relationships with bloggers and support groups will be convenient.

This spring, I attended Time to Play Magazine’s blogging toy event in New York, where companies present new versions of toys and demos, collecting business cards from bloggers. These types of events are usually by invitation only, so it’s worth registering with a local group of bloggers, similar to your niche. The two groups I belong to include Philly’s Social Media Moms and Green Sisterhood. We share events, promotions, opportunities, professional tips and promote each other’s sites.

Deficiency, Superiority and Self Defense
Once the brand has attracted you, follow the directions of the verification request.

If they ask for something unethical, turn it off before you start. Well-established reputable brands will send you links to your site, not spam text links. Promise the basics — for example, 500 text messages, share them on Facebook and Twitter — and then provide additional content such as additional sharing or posting. Always mark a brand when you promote your reviews.

Lastly, track the dollar value of all products and the refunds you receive. You will need to report this as income for your taxes.

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