How to open your business on mobile applications – practice tips

How to open your business on mobile applications

Interview with an entrepreneur:

Entrepreneur Evgeny Ponomarenkov will share with us his own experience in the opening “from scratch” of his successful business on mobile applications.

Eugene, tell us about your business. Are there any differences between a business on mobile applications and others?

I have been in the mobile business all year. I saw in time that it was worth moving in this direction. In my city, no one has yet dealt with mobile applications, and I became, one might say, a pioneer in the market. And so far I have no serious competitors.

The business on mobile applications differs from the usual one primarily in that the entry threshold here is extremely low. In addition, you don’t need any equipment at all, you don’t need a large staff, you do not need to rent a room … This is a virtual business in a new modern format. If you want, this is the business of the future. And no other type of business can be compared with it in terms of ease of implementation and low cost.

Still, business is serious. Not everyone decides to take and open their own business like this. What could you say to those who only dream about it?

Yes, that’s right. Almost everyone, probably, in this life at least once thought about starting their own business, but few eventually open it. And even fewer people then stay afloat. The “area of ignorance” is too large, because, in fact, this is not taught anywhere. The market is developing too fast, and no educational institution is able to provide real, not outdated knowledge.

And here the business on mobile applications again has an advantage. If you buy a franchise, you get a complete set of all the necessary tools: marketing materials, a business plan, a ready site, a designer for creating mobile applications, business development trainings, and consultations.

That is, you no longer suffer from doubts about how and what to do. Do not be left alone with your problems. There is a clear outline, plan of your movement. Therefore, even absolute beginners in the business can deal with mobile applications.

And I did just that in due time. Before that, I had little experience – I kept a small store, but I had to close due to unprofitability.

How did you come to the idea of starting this particular business?

I often go abroad and always look closely at what is happening there. Still, we are still lagging behind them for a couple of decades in terms of technology development. I saw a very promising niche and I wanted to do it here in Russia.

I saw a tremendous need for mobile applications. After all, we can’t imagine our life without mobile phones. And a business that does not take this into account simply cannot stay afloat. And having bought a franchise, I solve this problem – I help various enterprises create their mobile applications using a very simple constructor.

What difficulties did you encounter in the initial stages of doing business?

I say we are a little behind the West. People do not yet fully understand the capabilities of applications. They do not see the future, do not understand the prospects. And now I’m not talking about ordinary people, I mean exactly businessmen. Implementing something new is always worth the effort.

Therefore, I had to talk and show a lot, meet a lot with clients. Being the first on the market is great, but it takes time for people to realize these new opportunities and want them. In fact, I had to introduce a new idea to the masses, and this process has not yet been completed.

Here, of course, it is very easy to “merge” in the first stage. People do not know what applications are, why they are needed, how they can help them. It’s great when you can immediately show the demo version – it always has an amazing effect. It is one thing to try to explain something on the fingers, and quite another to show live on a mobile phone.

Human consciousness resists change. Many firms do not even have a site and do not want to. Do not understand the value of internet marketing. Talking with such people is almost useless. You can’t prove anything to them.

And why, in fact, are these mobile applications needed, for whom are they?

Mobile applications increase the company’s revenue, make the business more responsive.

Well, for example, I make mobile apps for restaurants.

A person who has downloaded such an application will be able to order any dishes from this restaurant at home in a couple of clicks. Get a discount. Find out when any action takes place in the restaurant. See the route to the institution on the map, so that you can easily get there.

That is, the restaurant client receives a convenient and useful service. This means that he becomes a loyal customer who will surely tell about it and will attract even more customers to the restaurant.

Mobile technologies are developing extremely fast and are already overtaking personal computers in many ways. If a businessman wants to provide himself with the fastest channel of communication with his customers, then mobile applications will help to do this.

However, the businessman himself will not be able and will not want to bother with the creation of such applications. And my task is to solve this problem. I make applications for a specific company and then take a monthly service fee.

We are transferring more and more functions and work from a computer to a tablet or smartphone. And we do this not under the influence of fashion, but because it is convenient and practical, saves time and increases efficiency in general. Every day, the range of mobile applications is growing and expanding, making our daily lives easier.More and more often, we look through mail from a phone or tablet, work with documents, plan meetings and do our business, communicate with colleagues and more.

A company that creates a mobile application for its business will actually tie the client to itself. Will be always in touch, at hand.

According to your estimates, what is the minimum amount with which you can start this business today? What equipment will be required?

Perhaps this is the most minimal entry threshold. Buying a franchise is 50-100 thousand rubles, another payment for registering the application on Google Play or the App Store (up to $ 100 per year). Of course, you still need a computer and Internet access.

That, in fact, is all. What other business can compare with such affordability? At the same time, the payback is incredibly high, even if you make the very minimum of body movements.

Do you need any special knowledge or skills to open such a business?

Frankly, I didn’t have programming skills in IT-technologies, but here’s what’s good AppGlobal franchise – besides the business in the box, I was also provided with a detailed training with video materials, which clearly showed how to create applications on the platform.

An extensive Knowledge Base is also formed there, in which you can find answers to almost any question about working with the service. This database is constantly updated and updated.

In addition, when I had questions, I just called tech support and got an answer. I admit, it’s very convenient. Nobody advised my first business, and I simply did not have enough knowledge. And then there is constant help, and training courses are regularly held.

In short, I quickly figured out the application designer and created my first application. I liked it: something like a computer game).

Are there any additional administrative requirements (to the premises, the experience of specialists, etc.)?

Basically, you do not need anything from all this. Your account is on the Internet. You are working with the mobile app builder on your computer. You do not need an office and employees. Then, if you want to expand, you will need an assistant, plus a sales manager, but it’s quite possible to do it yourself.

However, you can immediately hire an assistant. It will stimulate you yourself – additional responsibility also disciplines. The assistant will be able to remove from you 90% of the routine, free up your time.

At first it was interesting for me to deal with the constructor, but when I built the 20th application, it became a chore. Clients ask the same questions, ask to make endless corrections. Everything needs to be agreed, negotiated, and controlled payments for the hundredth time. So I hired an employee, and my turnover immediately increased. And my interest in business did not fade away, I already received an additional drive from closing deals.

And my advice to you is to have a couple of helpers at your fingertips. At least potential. Do not do it yourself, it is very harmful for business.

Your employee can sell, draw up and send documents for you, look for customers, work with freelancers, provide service control, cold calls, and maintain the site.

And you, without delegating your work, will never rise, you will not be able to scale your business. You must be above the business, not in it.

Another tip – while you are just starting, you are not paying anyone anything. Take the person to the test. Give him the task of finding you an order. Finds – you take it, and there is something to pay wages. Can’t cope, hire the next one. Be prudent, otherwise you will not see success. At the same time learn to fire people. No way without it. And people will work better, knowing that they are not the only ones.

The task of the entrepreneur is to organize the process, and not to do everything yourself.

What can you save on and what should you save on?

You can try to register the application yourself and not pay specialists. However, for Android, and for iOS-applications, a lot of specific requirements are established, and it is not so easy to immediately deal with this. So here I do not recommend saving. You’ll just lose time.

Well, you can save on employees. As I said, at first it is possible. But then again, if you want to develop rapidly, it’s better to hire an assistant and pay your salary upon completion of tasks. But not in advance.

How long have you paid back your initial investment? What are the prospects for this business?

Investments pay off in the first month. Amazing, right? Income from 35 to 70 thousand rubles for each application created! In addition, you get a monthly fee for servicing all created mobile applications.

You can still take a fee for consultations, for help, for the promotion of a mobile application.

What can you say about competition in this business?

There are practically no competitors. Only company appglobal provides the maximum functional range in this area. Gives customers the maximum possible. But the need for mobile applications is simply enormous. Even in large cities, more than 95% of businesses remain unreached. They need mobile applications for development, for business consolidation, and almost no one offers them such a service.

So competition in this type of business can not be afraid for at least another couple of years!

Based on your experience, what would you advise to those who are just planning to start this business?

As the wise saying goes, if you try to speak at the same time with everyone, you will not talk to anyone. Identify a specific niche (area) for your work and concentrate your marketing efforts on it. In Russia, as elsewhere, there are a lot of varieties of small business, which in fact turned out to be very profitable clients for developers of mobile applications (for example, restaurants, law firms, real estate agencies, and many others). Choose a suitable sphere and focus on it, and then your efforts will be rewarded.

In addition, you need to constantly pump yourself, always be at a pace. And do not reinvent the wheel, do not invent new methods – everything has been tested long ago, and several really working methods have been developed. You do not need a prize for originality; you need profit. So use someone else’s successful experience on health.

And constantly learn. You can not learn something and calm down on this. Yes and company appglobal constantly conducts training – gives the latest developments of world trends. It is very healthy and incredibly stimulating.

Our world is changing, and the rules of doing business are also changing. Today, in order to successfully start a new business or scale an existing one, you need to play in a completely different way than before. Conditions have changed: buyers are more sophisticated, sales methods are more complicated. Now that we need something, we are increasingly turning to the Internet.

Successful will be the businessman who keeps up with the times, which means the one who uses all the most modern business opportunities.

Therefore, try to figure out who in your environment needs a mobile application, sketch out an action plan for the next month, make a list of the first important steps to create your new business and go on to success! I am sure everything will work out for you, just like mine.

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