How to Open Your own Online Game Development Business

How to Open Your own Online Game Development Business

The entertainment industry related to the development of computer games is developing very rapidly today. However, it should be noted that large projects that are becoming popular with a large number of people, at present, can only afford well-known and long-running companies. However, this does not prevent novice developers from creating their own projects that use simpler technology, which have much less investment, but which also have their own consumers and can also bring profit to their creator.

The most popular and widespread are multiplayer online games, and the development of browser games is a relatively simple and promising area. However, the development of online-projects that work through the user’s browser is significantly different in many aspects from the development of a full-fledged game. Even a multiplayer game provides for a slightly different technology not only for creating, but also for promoting the game, which is important to consider even at the very beginning of work.

Today, a large number of companies are engaged in the development of computer games, but many of them are represented by enthusiasts and small groups of people. When creating a browser game, there is usually no separation between the publisher and the developer, one team is completely promoting the game on the market and developing it, just the job responsibilities are distributed within the team, and not between several companies. It will almost certainly be unprofitable for a novice entrepreneur to compete with large companies that develop single-player and even multi-player games.

To minimize your risks, you can start by creating a small project, the promotion mechanism of which is significantly different from the sale of regular games. Multiplayer games are distributed via the Internet, in the case of browser games, the consumer does not even need to install the client or software, the game process itself proceeds in the Internet browser. Typically, such games are not designed to make a profit by selling a copy, but to sell paid subscriptions and privileges that give a significant advantage to the player who purchased them. Among players, this practice is characterized by one capacious word – donat, although donations are usually called donations for the development of a project.

Multiuser and more browser games are designed not so much for pre-sale promotion of the project as for the wow-effect of the players who launched the game for the sake of interest. Promotion of a browser game is possible only using all modern marketing methods, and you need to attract as many players as possible for whom the initial acquaintance with the game will be free, after which you will gain an impression of the effect and only then offer paid services. A novice entrepreneur will be forced to face a huge level of competition, in connection with which he needs to offer his consumers a truly interesting and somewhat different project. But it should be noted that relatively recently there is a new technology that allows you to run full-fledged 3D games in the user’s browser,

For your work you need to register as a business entity in order to be able to use the simplified taxation system, it is enough to register as an individual entrepreneur, but if there is a need to register a legal entity, it is better to choose the form of a limited liability company. In this case, the opportunity will be available to transfer to the state no more than 6 percent of revenues or 15 percent of operating profit. Some entrepreneurs are registered only immediately before the release of the game, and before that they are fully engaged only in development. The code of such activity is (OKPD 2) 58.21 Services for the publication of computer games. On the other hand, sometimes it’s advisable to start the promotion of the game at the stage of its creation.

The entrepreneur himself, who is the founder of the project and his ideological inspirer, depending on his personal qualities and capabilities, can become a participant in the development, and also a participant in the promotion, while occupying leading positions. In an extreme case, an entrepreneur can become just an investor for a project. Further, a sufficiently large staff of programmers will be required to work, and these people should cover different areas of creating the game program code, and for browser games, a separate position is allocated for programmers who support and implement the game in the user’s browser.

Also, the team should include designers, game designers and artists, sometimes it may be necessary to attract animation specialists, musicians and testers. Special mention is made by the specialist of the support team, who are primarily engaged in maintaining the server and ensure its stable operation. The marketing department consists directly of marketers, sales and public relations managers. A small project can be developed by a team of no more than 10 people, however full-fledged and large-scale games require the involvement of a large staff, sometimes more than a hundred. For obvious reasons, the maintenance of such a large team costs the entrepreneur considerable amounts, but in this situation there is a fairly simple and effective way to save.

Currently, many responsibilities can be outsourced; a large amount of content for the game can also be purchased at specialized companies that offer ready-made sets of textures, sounds and models. Thus, full-time employees carry out only the most responsible tasks and the most difficult parts of the game, simpler and more typical tasks are transferred to third-party programmers who take much less money for their work. Working with outsourcing companies and simply freelancers significantly reduces costs not only on wages, but also on the purchase of equipment and payment of utility bills, and also allows you to rent less space for your office. In some cases, the creation of a browser game can be carried out without renting a room, when all project participants work at home,

Usually the creation of a game begins with an idea. Many companies use the already proven scheme for creating a game, when a typical plot is taken, typical game mechanics, something new is introduced, which begins to pass off as the greatest feature of the game, which distinguishes it from the general list of competitors. These are clone games of some successful project, and the gaming industry knows few examples of the successful implementation of the same product under different names. The situation is different if the developers have found a new and interesting idea, but in this case you need to be sure that the consumer will like this idea no less, and preferably even more, than the creator himself.

In order for the game to be successful and interesting, it must have an exciting plot and interesting mechanics; online games usually pay less attention to graphics than single-player games, in view of the desire to reach the largest possible audience. In browser games, the presence of just 3D already greatly increases the interest in the project, however, a large number of competitors suggest the appearance of someone else’s project, which, with its feature, expose the most modern and advanced graphics. Today, the most popular genre is MMORPG, because in this case the game involves the development of your character, a competitive element between the players, the depth of the game mechanics and the complexity of the interaction of all elements of the game, which adds interest to the project, not to mention the fact that this genre is time-tested and loved by many players.

Some begin by creating completely simple projects, such as browser-based chess or checkers, or even browser-based games that are designed for single-player play, and interaction between several players is not implied. If we take the scope of browser games, then a promising direction may be the creation of simple applications, for example, a collection of tests. The main thing in any undertaking is any competitive advantage, otherwise the project will be lost among hundreds of other similar crafts.

In order for the multiplayer game to function, you need to rent a server, buy out a hosting space and purchase a domain name. Today, a small number of developers are registered in this country, it is much easier and cheaper to get a domain in Europe or even in exotic countries, this is done to simplify their work in connection with the peculiarities of the legislation, for example, the registration of sites with online casinos in Curacao. Renting a server will cost the entrepreneur up to 50 thousand rubles a year, which is a very small amount. However, your server must be constantly maintained and, if necessary, expanded, for which there are special companies and employees within the enterprise.

In the case of creating a browser game, development may take place not on a personal site, but on a third-party company’s site. The simplest example is the creation of applications on social networks (Vkontakte and to a lesser extent Facebook are relevant in Russia) or on specialized sites that offer visitors a huge number of games. In this direction, you will also have to compete with a large number of companies, however, there are not many, but many, potential players on such sites and potential consumers, and the ease of installation allows you to attract a considerable number of users. Social networks are today the most fertile ground for the development of such a business – there are many people, users often spend their time on social networks, and the holders of such sites offer comprehensive solutions to promote the game,

If you take a full-fledged multiplayer game, then usually its purchase costs money for the players, often a subscription fee is also provided. With browser games, the situation is somewhat different. Due to the fact that creating and maintaining it is technically much easier, the developer offers it for free. If the project is gaining popularity or is initially very profitably different from its counterparts, a paid subscription to the game may be provided. But usually in browser games there are several game modes, the so-called paid accounts. By purchasing such an account, the user receives a significant advantage over players who pay nothing. The developer himself is focused specifically on paid players, he seeks to stimulate everyone else to buy a paid version.

There may not be a subscription, but the developer will receive money through the sale of in-game advantages – currency, items, abilities, etc. However, it is very important to catch the line, because such a system can even be harmful if paid subscribers get too much advantage, making it impossible to play without a subscription. Many criticize such a system, but without it, an entrepreneur will not be able to make money.

As an alternative, it can simply be advertising in the game, while the players remain equal to each other.

The profitability of such an initiative directly depends on the number of players, if there are a lot of them, then you can talk about profitability of several hundred percent, although you will have to gradually increase your capabilities and improve the game.

In many cases, a long-term scheme is effective. Only the created game at first deals only with attracting players, but it represents only essentially polished to brilliance, but still only a demo mode. Gradually, the game improves, fans become more, interest in the project increases, and the entrepreneur begins by introducing a small number of inexpensive paid features. And then on the rise.

Especially for browser games, support for multi-platform is relevant. The game can become popular among users of social networks who run it through a personal computer, but are deprived of the pleasure of playing it through other devices running on other operating systems – mobile phones and tablets in the first place. Therefore, it is worth ordering the development and support of their games through mobile browsers, since today the technological execution of most of these products allows you to run even projects that are quite demanding on resources. The development of this support will result in additional expenses, however, it will significantly increase the popularity of the game and attract new players. We can say that in the near future the requirement for multi-platform will be mandatory.

I must say that advertising can become the main source of project expenditure, because online and brown-headed games can pay off only when attracting a large number of users. To promote your full-fledged online game, you will have to hire public relations specialists who will represent the game at exhibitions, communicate with the press and players, hold contests and promotions, and arrange with distributors. An extensive marketing campaign is needed here, and it will take place both on the Internet, in the media, and in many other areas. However, a simpler project is advisable to advertise only to potential users. To do this, you can order advertising on social networks, and it will be shown only to users who have indicated their preferences or are suitable for the parameters defined by the developer. The same goes for contextual advertising in search engines. In extreme cases, you can attract lead managers from the respective companies.

The development of a multiplayer game is in most cases a fairly long-term and expensive project. Simple browser games can be developed in a couple of months by a couple of enthusiasts and having spent several tens of thousands of rubles on this. Successful projects require multi-million dollar investments. An entrepreneur may not even be engaged in the development of online games for himself, but rather recruit a team of professionals and create games only for individual orders. Given the growth of this market, even such a direction can be a good source of income.

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