Make Money in the Winter: 20 Winter Business Ideas

Make Money in the Winter

If you wanted to start your own business, then winter is a perfect time! The profitability of a seasonal business typically exceeds 60%. The main thing is to choose the right idea. In the article, we have collected 20 ways to make money in the winter.

It’s time to open a seasonal business and make money on cold, snow and winter holidays. With the right approach, this business can bring considerable income – profitability is usually above 60%.

Winter ideas are not limited to New Year’s preparations (you can find New Year’s business ideas here . According to statistics, the most profitable trading period is from November to February. Here is “Black Friday” and New Year’s eve, buying gifts for the February holidays.

To determine the direction for the winter business, consider the following factors:

Temperature fluctuation. In the last years of winter, unstable weather is observed. Because of this, certain types of businesses can “burn out”. For example, you planned to earn by cleaning snow, and winter turned out to be snowless.

Winter holiday. Long weekends increase the demand for entertainment. First of all, this applies to winter fun, for example: skiing, snow tubing, etc.

Cold. In winter, everything related to heat is relevant: knitted sweaters, woolen socks, heaters and fireplaces, home insulation, etc.

Psychological and physiological factors. In winter, many people experience a breakdown, depression, etc. People seek entertainment and positive emotions. That’s why the entertainment business is popular in winter.

Winter provides many opportunities for entrepreneurs – both beginners and experienced. If you are already working in the field of sales and just looking for winter products that can be profitably implemented, pay attention to the first 10 ideas on the list. And if you plan to make your service more relevant, the second part of the selection with winter services will come in handy.

1. Sale of gloves, socks and heated slippers

In winter, at every corner, you can find a point selling gloves, scarves, and hats. It is difficult to compete with such a product. But you can be more advanced – and offer customers products with a special heating system. Products can be heated from the mains, and from batteries or USB. For example, there are slippers that charge from the outlet. And USB-powered gloves can warm your hands for 6 hours in a row. There are even insoles that are heated by built-in lithium-ion batteries and can be controlled by the remote control.

This is not just a practical product that you can buy for yourself, but also a useful gift. And in winter, the theme with gifts is relevant for everyone. As for the business format, you can open a sales outlet, for example, an island in a shopping center, or you can sell goods through an online store or a one-page website.

How much can you earn on the sale of such products? Consider the example of heated socks. The purchase price of such products is 200-400 rubles, and in stores they are sold for 1500-2000 rubles. Total profit from one pair of socks – more than 1000 rubles.

2. Sale of shoe dryers

In winter, in many areas there is increased humidity, which makes things require drying. Everyone knows the picture when the winter boots are dried by the battery. But it can ruin the shoes. Here you come to the rescue – the seller of gadgets that remove moisture from things and at the same time give them a pleasant smell.

3. Sale of winter gift baskets

An interesting idea is to sell sets of the most necessary things in the winter of little things: warm socks, a jar of honey, herbal tea, heated gadgets (for example, gloves), hand cream, aroma candle, etc. You can offer several thematic kits.

4. Sale of winter sweaters

Well, what winter without knitted sweaters with deers? From year to year, such sweaters are popular. They are bought as a gift, for everyday wear or especially for the celebration of the New Year. You can organize a point of sale in a shopping center or run a temporary site or group in social networks.

5. Sale of fireplaces, stoves and heaters

In winter, all goods that can give heat are relevant. Therefore, to sell fireplaces, stoves or heaters is a good idea. But you will need to carefully choose the range. Today, the market offers a variety of heating equipment, including new products – for example, infrared heaters are becoming popular, which are attached to the ceiling, which saves space.

In winter, the demand for fireplaces is growing. Typically, firms that sell fireplaces also provide installation services. But to organize such a business is not so simple: firstly, the installation of fireplaces is associated with increased danger, so you will need to get professional skills before starting a business; secondly, specialized equipment and tools are needed – and this is a considerable investment; thirdly, the work itself is quite complex and painstaking. But all difficulties are compensated by high income.

6. Selling cold-resistant jackets

Another option for innovative things. Now there are jackets that are equipped with a waterproof lining and inserts with silver ions. Thanks to this, a person is protected from harmful microbes and low temperatures. One of these jackets was offered by the Xiaomi brand.

The demand for such jackets is expected to be high, because now people pay special attention to their health. Conclusion: buy a batch of such jackets and sell them using the Internet. You can also diversify the assortment of your outlet.

7. Sale of winter goods for cars

In winter, the car needs special care. This is winter tires, non-freezing liquid for washing glass; mechanical wipers; lock defrosting liquid; mechanical wipers; seat covers heated, etc. You can find a place – next to a gas station, a busy road or car wash – to set up a temporary point of sale.

8. Sale of sleds, ice, tubing

In winter, ice slides are built in every city, from which both adults and children love to ride. Therefore, in places of folk entertainment, they actively trade in sleds, ice, tubing, and other means for outdoor activities. You can diversify your assortment with original winter toys: snowmobiles, snowball blasters, snowmakers, a set for building a snowman, molds for building an igloo, snowshoes in the form of traces of a snowman, etc. All this can be purchased at the lowest price on Chinese sites and sold with a high margin.

9. Sale of winter covers for prams and car seats

In winter, everyone warms up – even prams. A good idea for a seasonal business is the sale of winter covers for strollers and car seats. They are used for additional protection against wind, rain and snow, warming even at low temperatures. Warm gloves that cling to the handle of a stroller, or wraps on a car seat that resemble a blanket, can be included with such a cover.

The idea is suitable for needlewomen – then you do not have to buy a batch of goods, but work on individual orders. Handmade goods are very much appreciated among young mothers, which means that you can make good money on this.

10. Sale of thermal underwear

Another wardrobe item that is in high demand in the winter. At this time, the margin on the product can reach 100%. It is profitable to sell it both in retail outlets and through the Internet.

11. Organization of photoshoots, photo zone rental

With the onset of cold weather, photographers move from parks and open locations to photo studios. In November-December, New Year’s photoshoots take place, then love stories begin by February 14. Many wedding photoshoots in winter are often held in the studio.

So if you have a small room with a window that can be converted into a photo studio, get started! An hour of rent, on average, costs 600-1000 rubles, depending on the city. Business will suit creative people with organizational skills. And if after that you seriously think about opening your own photo studio, this article will come in handy .

12. Professional roof and road cleaning

In many cities, two problems arise in winter – snow, and icicles. Homeowners’ associations and communal services do not always manage to remove icing and clear roads. You can purchase equipment, assemble a team of 3-4 people, and provide related snow removal services. Your clients will be commercial establishments, parking lot owners, and homeowners. This service is in great demand in recent years.

The cost of 1 snowplow is about 50 thousand rubles. She will also have to buy a trailer and equipment (shovels, scrap, etc.). Total, the minimum required to open a business is 150 thousand rubles.

Do not save on equipment. Good snow blowers have great power, the function of cleaning ice, etc. All this speeds up the work process, which will positively affect the amount of profit. By the way, about profit: on average, snow cleaning services cost 4-5 thousand rubles for cleaning 1 thousand square meters. m. territory.

13. Street food item

A profitable idea is to organize the sale of winter drinks and traditional winter dishes in places of New Year’s festivities. Non-alcoholic mulled wine and mead, tea and coffee, gingerbread, cinnamon rolls, hot pancakes, fruit drinks, etc. The main thing is to get approval from Rospotrebnadzor.

You can place the point at a busy intersection, in a park, not far from the ice rink. Another option is to make the point of sale mobile.

14. Gift wrapping

December, January, and February are rich in gifts, so packing presents in the winter becomes more relevant than ever. The idea is good for aspiring entrepreneurs and creative people who plan to develop a business. A small point that packs gifts can be the beginning of your successful business.

To start, you need to rent a retail outlet in the shopping center, where most people buy gifts. It is advantageous to coexist with flower shops, souvenir shops or gift shops. Purchase wrapping paper, gift boxes, bags, and other necessary supplies. If you plan to open a business on gift wrapping, this article will help you .

15. Rental of ski equipment or sledges

In winter, people happily ride from the ice slides, take walks in the snow – in short, they need special equipment. Not everyone is ready to buy it, so the rental of winter equipment is relevant.

Investments are quite large, but the demand for such equipment is stable every winter. Buying skis and sleds is a decent investment, but you can buy a used one and save. Demand for equipment is stable every winter. As the experience of market participants shows, all costs are beaten off in the first month in snowy weather.

16.Winter bike racing

An interesting way to spend your free time in winter. To organize races on a special bike. The track can be laid anywhere. Such entertainment will interest young people more. Therefore, you can advertise and sell your services over the Internet.

You will need to purchase winter bicycles, develop a route. The second – for free, the first – about 30 thousand rubles per 1 bike. Well, to arrange races, you need at least 3 bicycles. Total, about 100 thousand rubles will be required for the opening.

17. Snow Tubing

Under an unfamiliar word, there is a simple explanation. Snow tubing is a downhill ride on an inflatable sleigh or ice. To organize such entertainment, you will need to find a suitable place, make slides for the descent, and purchase equipment. On average, the price of quality snowtubs is about 2000 rubles. At the start, you will need to purchase at least 10-15 of these. Total, the initial investment will amount to about 50 thousand rubles, including preparatory work

18. Skiing

The target audience for such walks is active and athletic people. You can independently organize a route, come up with an interesting program and go for a walk with this whole friendly company. You will need to purchase several pairs of skis, as well as consider an advertising campaign to attract customers.

19. Bathhouse on wheels

In the cold season, a camper, converted to a simple bathhouse for several people, enjoys popularity. Principle of work: for a week or two, the van calls into the courtyard of the sleeping area and, with the help of a megaphone and print advertising, attracts residents to visit a mobile bathhouse. But! Keep in mind that in severe frosts, maintenance of the bathhouse may be more difficult. Therefore, at such a time, it is better to avoid the mobile bath.

You can accommodate not only in a sleeping area. Bath for that and on wheels, to move around and look for more successful places. It can be: near the recreation center; in places where fishermen gather, etc. Read more about opening the bath on wheels here .

20. Earnings on New Year’s holidays

About how to make money at this time, we wrote in our selection of New Year’s business ideas. We briefly recall that the main types of earnings for the New Year holidays are:

  • Various products for New Year’s decor, including hand-made products;
  • Rent: country houses, carnival costumes, Christmas trees and Christmas toys;
  • Design and decoration services in New Year’s style (for corporate and private clients);
  • Organization of events, New Year’s leisure;
  • Cooking, catering;
  • Selling New Year’s gifts.

How not to make a mistake with the choice of direction
High profitability of the winter business is ensured by a large influx of customers, so the deciding factor in choosing an idea will be: analysis of consumer demand and competition.

Nuances to pay attention to when choosing a business line:

Initial knowledge and skills – choose a topic in which you are well versed or which does not require training. The life cycle of a seasonal business is 3-5 months. Therefore, you will not have time to learn, delve into the topic and subtleties of the business. We’ll have to act promptly, choosing the simplest and most effective scheme.

Benefit for consumers – a service or product should be in demand on the market and understandable to the consumer. For example, if you plan to sell jackets that protect against colds, you need to accurately convey to the client why he should buy this. In a story with a jacket, this is more difficult to do than with winter tires for a car. Therefore, you need to think in advance who will be your target audience and how quickly you can reach stable sales. If you do not have a clear idea and scheme of actions, it is better to postpone this idea.

Competitor analysis – be sure to evaluate the filling of the niche in which you plan to work. If in the city, conditionally, there are 20 points for selling gloves, there is a chance that your 21 will be superfluous. But also keep in mind that lack of competitors is not a success factor. Sometimes this suggests that such an idea simply does not take root in the local market. In order not to be mistaken with the conclusions, factors should be considered together.

If everything is planned correctly, then the seasonal business will pay off in 1-1.5 months and will bring a high income. It all depends on the skills and actions of the entrepreneur himself. We wish you success in the winter business!

For those who can’t decide on the idea of their business, we recommend transformational psychological games from the company “1000 Ideas”:

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