Julia Michaels Shuts Down Body Shamers With Pictures Of Her Unshaved Armpits

Why do people shave their armpits? If our answer still revolves around the fear of being perceived, this post by Julia Michaels will make you feel better. Your worth and beauty should not be judged from some naturally growing hair.

Singer and songwriter Julia Michaels are tired of body shamers, just like all of us.

So she snapped a selfie of herself being unapologetic of her own unshaved body.

She made it clear that she’s not going to be changing her bodies just so some strangers can call her beauty. Or worse, that some strangers think that’s how women should treat themselves.

“People are always going to have something to say about you or your body,” she wrote in her caption.

That is just true as we are reminded of when Demi Lovato reminded people not to comment about their bodies. This man shares how being bullied for his body turned into trauma as he builds his crushed self-confidence years later. Julia continued, “They will always try to attack you when you’re feeling the most happy or the most yourself you’ve ever been.”

“To that I say go eat a bag of worms.”

Honestly, people couldn’t really care about the hair: she looks so pretty, so what?

She had also mentioned abandoning this particular social norm since last year.


And she showed off her hairy armpit on the red carpet for Grammys earlier this year.

She’s also done it a few points in her other Instagram posts and even in her music videos.

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